At the start of 2020 Corporate Greetings UK pledged to plant a tree for every order we receive.

How our ‘Plant a tree’ pledge can benefit your company

Once your Company has bought cards from us, you can use your contribution to our “Plant a Tree” pledge to help promote your business.

Here are some ideas on how to do this:
  • Once you’ve ordered we email you a certificate which you can print out and display, use in promotional material or on your social media.
  • You can include details of your contribution to the forest in the footer of your company emails.
  • Include details of your participation in our ‘Plant a tree’ pledge on letterheads, company stationary, brochures etc.
  • You can attend and publicise tree planting events.
  • Use news about the Forest of Marston Vale in your Social media posts.
  • Create your own tree planting pledge for your customers by becoming a Corporate Friend of the Forest of Marston Vale or join a similar project in your area.
  • Use your contribution to our ‘Plant a tree’ pledge as part of  your own in-house carbon footprint reduction campaign.

If you wish, we can introduce you to an adviser who can give you guidance on how to set up your own carbon footprint reduction campaign.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries about our ‘Plant a tree’ pledge

Tel: 01582 343105


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