Research indicates that, for clients, communication and customer service are of the utmost importance, perhaps even more important than price.

Sending personalised greetings cards can aid communication and enhance your customer service, helping to consolidate a good relationship with your clients. In marketing terms, sending greetings cards is very effective because it shows you are thinking about your clients on an individual level. They are made even more powerful by the fact that the card has been personally sent by you through the post rather than delivered digitally. In an increasingly digital world receiving something in the post is becoming quite special and feels much more personal.

When you take on a new client sending a Welcome card can be the start of cementing a good relationship with that client and can also contain information such as contact details, office hours and any other information or message you wish.  This can be followed up on the anniversary of the client joining you by sending them an  Anniversary card.  Sending the cards can be done in house by yourselves, software is available to help you manage this, or alternatively, we can provide this service for you.

There are other occasions when you may wish to send greetings cards to your clients or other important contacts. There could be times when you wish to thank them for using your services by sending a Thank You card or there may be contacts to whom you would like to send a personalised Birthday card.

Sending Christmas cards is a long established tradition and still holds great value. Everyone enjoys getting a card through the door at Christmas and its a great way of once again keeping your company name in the forefront of your clients mind.  Alternatively, or in addition to Christmas cards, New Year cards can be used to thank your clients for their business in the previous year and to say that you are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the year ahead.

Greetings cards offer inexpensive but very effective and powerful marketing. They help develop customer retention by creating a feeling that you care on a personal level for your clients and by  keeping your name in the forefront of their mind.  It will also encourage referrals as your name will come to mind when clients are asked by friends, family and colleagues to recommend an accountant.

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