Corporate Greetings UK is supporting the Forest of Marston ValeForest of Marston Vale

At the start of 2020, we became a Corporate Friend of the Forest of Marston Vale and have pledged to plant a tree in the forest for every order we receive. We are pleased to be able to give back to the environment and help support the Forest of Marston Vale’s aim of planting 5 million trees.

About the Forest of Marston Vale

The Forest of Marston Vale covers 61 square miles between Bedford and Milton Keynes. It used to be a very different place where huge pits had been dug throughout the countryside to supply local brickworks with clay. Many were subsequently filled with waste and became landfill. Tree cover was a pitiful 3% – a third of the national average at the time.

Creating a community forest

To help the area recover from the effects of these industries, the Government made the area a Community Forest  in the early 1990s. The idea was that planting trees and preserving existing woodlands would make life better for both the people and wildlife that lived there.Forest of Marston Vale Corporate Partner

Now that the area is greener (over 2 million trees have been planted so far) the Forest’s challenge is keeping the balance between the environment and new developments like housing and warehouses in the Vale. With the ultimate goal being 30% tree cover (another 5 million trees) every time a new development goes ahead the Forest work hard to make sure that, overall, the environment benefits.

Trees make life better for people, for wildlife and for the planet

  • They help to cool and clean our air
  • Lock up carbon
  • Reduce flooding
  • Provide sustainable raw materials

How wildlife is supported in the forest

One mature Oak tree can house up to 500 species.Bedfordshire Community Forest

In the forest a mix of native, broadleaf trees, which create homes for wildlife from tiny insects to birds of prey are planted. With a rapidly declining insect population, the effects of which will be felt all the way up the food chain, creating diverse habitats is more important than ever.

  • When sites are planted each one has it’s own design to provide the best mix of habitats for that area.
  • Grasslands, reedbeds, wetlands, woodlands and hedgerows are created to maximise bio-diversity.
  • The different habitats in the forest area are managed with specific wildlife in mind.

To find out more about the Forest of Marston Vale click here.

Help support the Forest of Marston Vale with us

By choosing Corporate Greetings UK as your supplier of personalised greetings cards, you are supporting the fantastic work carried out by the Forest of Marston Vale.  Please feel free to publicise your contribution to the forest. For a few ideas on how to use your contribution to the forest to promote your company click here.Marston Vale Forest
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have about our ‘Plant a tree’ pledge.

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Thank you for supporting the Forest of Marston Vale

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