Get your employees, clients and important contacts excited about the New Year by sending them New Years greetings cards. New Years cards for businesses will help you welcome you employees back to work and will put a smile on the faces of your clients, staring the New Year on a positive note.

New Years Card History

The origins of greetings cards can be traced a long way back in history, all the way to the ancient Chinese and even to the ancient Egyptians. In fact, the traces of greetings cards from ancient China were sent as greetings of goodwill to celebrate a new year.


Why get New Years cards for your clients?

For business owners, sending your clients a personalised card is a great way to add a personal touch to your service. Wishing them a Happy New Year with a personalised greetings card is a great way to:

  • Improve client relations – Start the New Year by putting a smile on your clients faces and keeping them happy and engaged with your business.
  • Gain brand exposure with personalised cards – Use a personalised service and get your branding included into your New Years Cards.

Why get New Years cards for your Employees?

In addition to sending New Years cards to you clients, it can also be a nice touch to send them out to your employees as well. Sending New Years cards to your employees can help:

  • Make your employees feel valued – Showing you care about your employees by sending them a New Years card can help you show how much you value their work from the previous year.
  • Motivate your employees – Finding motivation to work at the start of a New Year can be a challenge for some. By sending your employees a New Years greetings card, you can help motivate your employees to work hard for your business.

Corporate Greetings UK’s New Years Cards for Businesses

At Corporate Greetings UK we have been supplying professional businesses with personalised greetings cards for the last ten years. We work with a range of businesses and organisations, providing our clients with high quality personalised New Years cards for businesses to send out to their clients and employees.

We provide a range of designs so you can find the perfect card to send out to your clients, each will come personalised with your company’s logo included. Get in touch to request a free proof today or click here to view our full range of New Home Cards.


Environmental tree plant

Plus, every time you order with us we will plant a tree in order to give back to the environment through our sustainable initiative. To find out more about our tree plant initiative click here.

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